Analysis of Several Major Techniques for Vehicle Wraps Sticking

Just like applying makeup, applying a vehicle wrap to your car is also an art. If it is done properly, it will enhance the appearance of your car. But if it is done improperly, it can be disastrous. Nowadays, there are countless brands of explosion-proof vehicle wraps on the market, and their quality varies greatly. For ordinary car owners, the questions they may raise include what type of explosion-proof vehicle wrap to choose for their beloved car, where to go for the best vehicle wrap application, how to identify genuine or fake explosion-proof vehicle wraps, and how to protect their rights? All these are problems.

Choose good weather before applying vehicle wrap

As the saying goes, “look at the weather before leaving the house.” We do many things such as running errands, driving, sailing, sightseeing, doing business, shopping, and so on, and all these are closely related to the weather. To apply vehicle wraps, one should also pay attention to the weather. The best time to apply vehicle wrap is when it is cloudy or after rainfall. This is because the air is humid, and there are fewer suspended particles, which means that the application process will not be affected by impurities. Most car owners know that a professional decoration store with indoor vehicle wrap-application conditions is the best place to apply explosion-proof vehicle wrap. Before applying the vehicle wrap, the professional decoration store will also maintain the humidity indoors to prevent dust from causing sand, air bubbles, and scratches inside the vehicle wrap. However, most car owners may not know that the humidity is high on cloudy or rainy days, and the static electricity is low, and the amount of dust indoors and outdoors is significantly reduced. This is precisely the best time to apply the vehicle wrap. It should be noted that vehicle wrap application should not be done on dusty days and in dusty environments.

Choose and identify the genuine vehicle wraps

Currently, there are many types of vehicle wraps on the market, and their quality varies greatly. If careless, ordinary car owners may easily fall into the trap of buying inferior or fake vehicle wraps. In fact, low-quality vehicle wraps not only harm the safety of driving but also cause hidden glass dangers and may affect the health of drivers and passengers. Therefore, car owners who decide to apply a vehicle wrap to their beloved car must pay attention to identifying genuine explosion-proof vehicle wraps when choosing.

Choose a regular vehicle wrap application store

Good products are undoubtedly important, but the process of applying the vehicle wrap should not be ignored. Therefore, it is essential to choose a reputable and well-serving store. Usually, regular auto-beauty stores equipped with professional vehicle wrap installation workshops. Since it is necessary to ensure a relatively dust-free and cool environment during the application process. Car owners should not choose some roadside small stores, or even some unreliable black stores, in order to save money. In doing so, the quality of the vehicle wrap application to the car may not meet the requirements and may damage the body or car glass, which is not worth the cost. The vehicle wrap application process is most afraid of dust and gravel. Street operation cannot guarantee a clean environment.

Apply the vehicle wrap to the entire windshield

It is best not to cut the front and rear windshields when having a store apply the vehicle wrap. The whole vehicle wrap should be applied; otherwise, it will lose the explosion-proof effect, and the appearance will also be affected. How do the professionals do it? The rear windshield glass of the car has a curved surface, the imported cars have a larger size of the windshield, and the curvature is also more prominent. A professional technician will cut the vehicle wrap to the size of the rear windshield and use special tools and a hot air gun to heat the vehicle wrap to the same curvature as the rear windshield glass from the outside of the rear windshield, and then stick it inside the car.

After applying the vehicle wrap, protect it carefully

After completing the application of the car vehicle wrap, pay attention not to open the side windows and not to use nails or sharp objects to pry open the edges of the vehicle wrap within 24 hours in summer and 48 hours in winter to prevent dirt from entering. If there are air bubbles, go to a professional auto beauty store for treatment within 24 hours.

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