Air Bubble Free Self Adhesive Vinyl: Unveiling EJET EV2002GD Series


EJET EV2002GD Air Bubble Free self-adhesive vinyl, equipped with a removable adhesive, stands as an innovative solution for a myriad of indoor and outdoor applications. This product, tailored for uneven and arched surfaces on transportation vehicles, boasts a distinctive air release channel design in the adhesive, ensuring hassle-free installations without bubbles.


The EJET EV2002GD series excels in robust adhesive properties, enhanced further by the incorporation of air release channels. These channels facilitate a rapid air egress system during installation, guaranteeing a smooth and bubble-free application. The vinyl finds its niche in exterior sign graphics, excelling on surfaces like vehicle signs, foam board signs, acrylic, polycarbonate, and more.
white adhesive vinyl
white adhesive vinyl
black adhesive vinyl
black adhesive vinyl
gray adhesive vinyl
gray adhesive vinyl

Storage Conditions:

To optimize the product’s performance, it is advised to store it horizontally in its original packaging, shielded from direct sunlight and heat sources. The recommended storage temperature ranges from 15°C (59F) to 35°C (95F), with humidity levels maintained between 20-65% RH. Under these conditions, the product boasts a shelf life of 6 months.

Printing and Processing:

Post-printing, thorough drying and venting are essential before laminating or any subsequent processing. Solvents present in the ink could impact the product’s performance if not given sufficient time to dissipate. For enhanced printing results and processing performance, leaving the material in the printing environment for over 24 hours is advised. The recommended printing environment is 20±3°C with 50±10% RH relative humidity. Proper adjustment of the heating curve during printing can significantly improve color reproduction.
Gray back air bubble free self adhesive vinyl - EV2002GD

Important Notice:

The EJET EV2002GD series undergoes rigorous quality control and is warranted to meet marketable quality standards, free from manufacturing anomalies. However, the information provided serves as guidance rather than a binding warranty. Given the diverse applications and evolving uses of EJET products, buyers should thoroughly assess suitability and efficiency for their intended purposes, acknowledging associated risks. Detailed specifications are subject to modifications without prior announcement.


EJET EV2002GD Air Bubble Free self-adhesive vinyl, with its removable adhesive and unique air release channels, redefines ease of application. Excelling in diverse outdoor settings, this vinyl is a reliable choice for achieving bubble-free results on various surfaces. As users explore its potential, careful consideration of storage conditions and printing nuances ensures optimal performance, making it a valuable addition to signage and graphics applications.

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