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Image Output Requirements for Inkjet Printing and Photography

inkjet printing

INKJET PRINTING generally refers to the output of outdoor advertising screens. The images it outputs are very large. For example, the images of many billboards next to the highway are the result of the output of the inkjet printer.

The output models include: NRU SALSA 3200, Caishen 3200, etc., generally the maximum width is 3.2 meters.

The media used by inkjet printers are generally advertising banners (commonly known as PVC banners), and the ink uses oil-based ink. In order to ensure the durability of the image, inkjet printing companies generally make the image color darker than the color on the monitor.

The actual image resolution it outputs generally only requires 30-45DPI (compared according to printing requirements), and the actual size of the screen is relatively large, covering an area of hundreds of square meters.


PHOTOGRAPHY is generally used indoors, and the pictures it outputs are generally only a few square meters in size. Such as the small advertising screen used by manufacturers at exhibitions.

Output models such as: HP5000, generally have a maximum width of 1.5 meters. The medium used by photography machines is generally PP paper and light film, and the ink uses water-based ink.

After the output image is finished, it needs to be laminated and mounted to be considered the finished product. The output resolution can reach 300-1200DP1 (different models will vary), and its colors are relatively saturated and clear.

Below we briefly introduce some simple requirements for producing and outputting images in inkjet printing and photography.

1. SIZE:

The size of the inkjet image is the same as the actual required screen size. Unlike printing, there is no need to leave a bleeding part. In inkjet printing companies, there is usually a white margin after outputting the picture. Generally, 10CM is left behind the clear edge of the picture. As shown in the picture, you can agree with the inkjet printing output company on how many edges to leave for buttonholes. The price is calculated per square meter, so the picture size is in centimeters.


Inkjet printing images are often very large, so you should understand the principle of “you don’t know the true face of Mount Lushan if you are deep in Mount Lushan”. The same is true for inkjet printing images. If you use printing resolution for large images, your computer will be exhausted.

Note: Because most current inkjet printers use 11.25DPI, 22.5DPI, and 45DPI as output image requirements, reasonable use of image resolution can speed up the drawing speed.

Photography generally requires 72DPI/inch. If the image is too large (for example, the file size exceeds 400M when a new image is displayed in PHOTOSHOP and the actual size is displayed), the resolution can be appropriately reduced and controlled within 400M.

image mode requorements - CMYK


INKJET PRINTING uses CMKY mode uniformly and prohibits the use of RGB mode. Today’s inkjet printers all use four-color inkjet printing, and its colors are completely different from the printing colors. Of course, when making pictures, follow the printing standards, and the inkjet printing company will adjust the color of the picture to be close to the sample.

PHOTOGRAPHY can use CMKY mode or RGB mode. Note that the value of big red in RGB is defined by CMKY, that is, M=100, Y=100


It is strictly forbidden to have a single black value in INKJET PRINTING and PHOTOGRAPHY images. C, M, and Y colors must be added to form a mixed black. If it is Dahei, it can be made: C-50, M=50, Y=50, K=100. Especially when using the effect it brings in PHOTOSHOP, be careful to change the black part to four-color black, otherwise there will be horizontal bars in the black part on the screen, affecting the overall effect.

It is best to save INKJET PRINTING and PHOTOGRAPHY images in TIF format, but note that compressed formats are not available.

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