Advertising Banner Material Guide – PVC Banner

1. Introduction to PVC Banner

PVC banner material

PVC light box cloth combines PVC material and mesh light guide fiber, which has the characteristics of flexibility, uniform light transmission, easy segmentation, splicing, transportation, and easy indoor and outdoor installation, which is very suitable for color spray painting.

According to outdoor needs, the light box cloth also has the characteristics of waterproof, mildew-proof, flame-retardant, cold-resistant, heat-resistant, and ultraviolet-resistant. Due to its strong wind resistance, it is especially suitable for making large outdoor billboards.

2. Classification of PVC Banner

PVC Banner can be divided into three types: Backlit, Frontlit, and Mesh Banner according to light transmittance and light source location. Backlit PVC Banner generally has a light transmittance of between 25% and 35%, and is often used to make small and medium-sized light boxes.such as roadside advertising, store front and indoor publicity displays, with an area of usually no more than 100 square meters.

Frontlit PVC Banner light transmittance is generally between 5% and 10%, suitable for front-facing light source light boxes, due to its strong wind resistance, often used to make large outdoor light boxes.such as building billboards, highway signs and urban landmark advertising, the current outdoor advertising area is generally between 100 and 400 square meters mostly use this kind of PVC Banner.

The Mesh Banner is designed for use in typhoon-prone areas. The densely arranged mesh on the surface can allow the wind to pass through the PVC Banner, thus greatly reducing the pressure of the PVC Banner in a typhoon and ensuring that the picture can be used outdoors for a long time.Due to this feature, Mesh Banner is mainly used to make oversized signage advertisements and architectural advertisements.

Backlit, Frontlit, and Mesh Banner
Backlit, Frontlit, and Mesh Banner

3. The characteristics of high-quality advertising banner materials (PVC Banner)

coated banner
  • Good ink absorption: the quality of ink absorption directly determines the saturation degree of the picture color and the color retention period,
  • Strong color fastness: with PVC Banner with poor color fastness, the picture will not only change color but also change color.
  • Excellent splicing performance: PVC Banner with poor splicing performance is not only unsafe but will also affect the overall effect of the picture.
  • Self-cleaning surface: Because PVC Banner absorbs a large amount of dust and impurities, the picture becomes very dirty and affects the effect.
  • After anti-mildew treatment: the surface of PVC Banner has begun to mold, which not only affects the picture effect, but also affects the audience’s perception.

4. PVC Banner is classified according to the production process

Knife scraping method:

The liquid PVC slurry is evenly coated on the front and back sides of the base cloth with a number of anti-scrapers, and then completely combined into a whole through the drying process, and then cooled and formed.

Features: It is anti-penetration, tensile resistance, and strong peeling resistance. Because the top and bottom of the product are a whole, the peeling phenomenon can be eliminated, and the strength of the splicing can be greater than the product itself through welding.

At present, the PVC banner width of this process can reach 5 meters. Due to the complexity of the production process, the production equipment is relatively expensive. Therefore, such products are mainly imported into the Middle East market (such as Turkey, Iraq, etc.), and the price is relatively high.


Calendering method:

It is a combination of various raw materials such as PVC powder and liquid plasticizer. After thorough stirring, it is bonded into a whole with the base cloth under the pressure of the high-temperature hot roller.

Features: The surface flatness is good, and the light transmission is uniform, which has an advantage on the Backlit Banner. However, due to the limitation of equipment, the width is generally not more than 3 meters.

The 645 and 945 PVC Banners developed by 3M in the United States are produced by this process; In addition, the Lexi light box cloth developed by LG in South Korea is also a representative of this kind of process.


The upper and lower layers of PVC film are laminated together with the light-guiding fiber mesh in the middle under the pressure of the hot roller by heating, and cooled into shape.

Features: It has excellent ink absorption and strong color expression. Therefore, with the rise of the large-scale inkjet industry, it has also brought infinite vitality to such PVC Banners. At present, the market share of this kind of light box cloth in South America has exceeded 70%.

5. Quality identification of PVC Banner

The basic quality identification points of PVC Banner: from thickness, tensile strength, ductility, weather resistance, light transmittance, flame retardancy, peeling, flatness, such as for printing, ink absorption, color reproduction, etc

6. The meaning of inkjet cloth parameters

D: Thickness (1 9000M filament, weight 200G 1/D)
18*12: each inch (18 warp wires * 12 weft wires)
9*9: each inch (9 warp wires * 9 weft wires)
First warp and then weft
200 * 300D; 200 * 500D; 300 * 500D (etc.) are polyester yarns
500 * 500D; 1000D * 1000D high-strength yarns

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