Difference Between Adhesive Vinyl and Removable Adhesive Vinyl

The removable adhesive is attached to the smooth material, which can be torn off freely without leaving traces, which plays a certain role in protecting the environment, and the adhesion strength is not inferior to that of ordinary adhesive. Adhesive vinyl will leave marks when torn off. What are the differences between removable adhesive and adhesive vinyl?

adhesive vinyl VS. removable adhesive vinyl

1.Different inkjet methods: Removable adhesive vinyl uses water-based ink for indoor spraying, while adhesive vinyl uses outdoor co-solvent ink. Water-based inks do not provide water and sun protection, so removable adhesives vinyl are suitable for indoor environments, while adhesive vinyl is suitable for outdoor environments.

2.Different application ranges:

  • Removable adhesive vinyl can be used once, suitable for glass, acrylic, fireproof board and other surfaces, easy to remove after use, leaving no residue.
  • Adhesive vinyl are mainly used for automobiles, buses, taxis and other vehicle advertisements and outdoor signs, etc., with strong weather resistance.

3. Material itself is different: the removable adhesive vinyl surface is coated with a special coating that will paste in contact with water, while the adhesive vinyl is not coated.

4.Different traces after tearing:

  • Removable adhesive vinyl is pasted on a smooth surface, leaving no traces when tearing, which has a certain environmental protection effect.
  • Adhesive vinyl will leave marks after they are removed.
adhesive vinyl VS. removable adhesive vinyl

Do you often see posters in shopping malls, and have you ever wondered how those posters are pasted? There are skills in pasting posters, but don’t underestimate those posters, what seems to be a simple thing is actually not so simple to do. Below, TOME will introduce you to a kind of “removable adhesive” in the poster, and its pasting skills.

For the adhesive removable adhesive, first remove a small piece of protective film, position the top two corners of the picture on the wall, and then gently pull the bottom two corners to press the whole picture flat against the wall. While smoothing out the pasted part with a damp rag, the paster peels down the protective film and gradually sticks the image to the wall.

Do not remove the protective film all at once, and gradually remove it in the direction of application to prevent the unpasted part from accidentally sticking to other places.

For landscape pictures, you can paste them sequentially from left to right. Since the pasting of removable adhesive requires skill, there are often crooked and wrinkled pastes, so it is best to be operated by skilled production personnel.

In the best case, it is recommended that two people work together: one person for pasting and the other for assistance. Using a small towel instead of a hand wipe will make it easier to smooth out the picture.

Another way is to dilute the dish soap and put it in a watering can for later use. Remove the protective film from the removable adhesive backing and place it on a clean table top or floor with the back side up. Use diluted water and dish soap to spray on the adhesive surface, making sure to spray evenly and slightly moistened. It is then ready to be laminated.

The benefit of this method is that it temporarily reduces the adhesion of the removable adhesive and avoids immediate fixation during the lamination process, allowing for more flexibility when adjusting the position of the picture. After a period of time, the water evaporates and the laminated surface is stabilized. It should be noted that this method should not be used on walls with waterproofing features.

removable adhesive vinyl

Self-adhesive and adhesive-backed adhesives have different definitions. Self-adhesive is a combination of face material, liner paper and glue, while adhesive is applied to the fabric with glue and then covered with composite release liner.

TOME is a field manufacturer with the most advanced adhesive technology, with a number of imported adhesive and slitting equipment. We specialize in the production of adhesive processing self-adhesive materials, which can be processed according to the different needs of customers, including high temperature, low temperature, high viscosity, removable adhesive, tire adhesive and other performance adhesives.

At the same time, we can also carry out laminated release liner processing to produce products with special lamination processing and special viscosity requirements.

We provide a variety of professional adhesive processing services, such as spacer materials, removable self-adhesive materials, water-based adhesive self-adhesive materials, oil-based adhesive self-adhesive materials, 3A strong viscose coating processing, suitable for paper, film (PET, PVC, PG, PP), cloth labels, EVA foam and other substrates, provide lattice, white background, yellow background, transparent bottom, embossed bottom and other professional adhesive processing, so that your products have more brand charm!

Self-adhesive material manufacturers independently develop and formulate unique environmentally friendly adhesives, which can meet the needs of various terminal applications and provide professional solutions for printers and end customers.

Whether you need extrusible materials or pasted on a variety of different surfaces, TOME can meet your high-quality needs, so that the final product highlights the excellent shelf effect, differentiates itself, and improves the brand image and economic efficiency.

TOME can customize the production of various self-adhesive materials in small quantities, and flexibly produce self-adhesive materials.

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