Strong Incoming New Outdoor Campaign!

Outdoor advertising media is everywhere in our life.  Talking about outdoor advertising, we first thought is probably the big advertisement board on the highway, LED large screen advertising, bus shelters advertising, etc., but some of the new outdoor advertising media is gradually coming into our life. What is “new”?

1. Outdoor self-drive advertising

Car body advertising is based on nationwide self-driving tour activities and a new mobile media publicity scheme with carrier fleet for self-driving activity; Relying on the huge national driving unit and National Alliance driving Association reached into driving activity scale; Single post to show the form of the team. It is shown by new forms, fleet size, wide-coverage, mobile advertising visibility, flexibility, cost control, event sharing, aftertaste, and spread by people.


  • removable outdoor media formats;

  • close contact with the audience to ensure the arrival rate;

  • minimum cost per thousand (CPM);

  • pedestrian and self-driving visual platform;

  • cost control, improve the return on investment;

  • more innovative advertisement, eye-catching;

  • a wide range of spread throughout the country.

2. Car body advertising for Uber, Didi, and other urban special cars

Uber and Didi are growing fast in big cities. If car ads are posted by a professional designer, whether it is running in the busy streets, parked on the roadside, residential or parking lot, it will bring the advertising effect day and night.


  • Strong advertisement with bodywork whole body or half body film;

  • 24 hours of advertising show;

  • large propaganda quantity and good effect on the natural advertisement.

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