6 Must-Know Tips for Car Window Tinting

To ensure a clear view, it is important to pay attention to the installation of vehicle wraps on the front windshield

As the front windshield is a vital window for safe driving, the film used must have high transparency. According to traffic laws, the light transmittance of the front windshield film should be above 70%, and its reflectivity should be below 18%. In addition, it should have good anti-glare and explosion-proof performances to ensure your health and safety.

Which type of vehicle wraps is suitable for you?

There are various types of films on the market, such as heat-blocking film, sun-blocking film, and explosion-proof film. Which one is more suitable for you? We suggest you start with two aspects: color and quality. You may choose a color that you like or that matches your car body by comparing them on the relevant brand websites. Quality is also essential; it is the source and guarantee of good films.

Install the vehicle wraps correctly

Select film-cut film-wash car-clean glass-bake film-unwrap the centrifugal paper-spray water evenly- clean glass again-position and move-squeeze the water-clean up. These seemingly simple steps require carefulness and attention to detail, and therefore, we strongly recommend that you seek professional installation from shops with construction qualifications.

Pay attention to details when installing vehicle wraps

Observe whether the shop environment is clean, whether it has an authorized certificate from an explosion-proof film manufacturer, whether it has a dedicated vehicle wrap construction workshop, a dust reduction device, and whether the car owner strictly checks for defects such as sand and bubbles from all angles when the work is completed. The car owner can also lower the car window to check whether the cut film is smooth and round, whether the remaining scrap is similar in size, and when delivering the car, the car owner must request a formal product quality guarantee card from the shop as evidence for future claims.

A handy tip for escaping with vehicle wraps

High-quality vehicle wraps can protect from external impact but can be easily broken from the inside. In an emergency, the car owner can use blunt objects to hit the four corners of the side window glass, causing the whole piece of glass to detach, enabling the car owner to escape. Therefore, we remind everyone to keep necessary hard objects in the car for emergencies.

Be careful when dealing with expired vehicle wraps

The shelf life of high-quality vehicle wraps is usually five years. When it expires, do not remove it by yourself. We suggest that you go to a professional workshop for adhesive removal. For American films on the market, adhesive removal is relatively easy and will not damage your glass, ensuring that it will remain shiny when you apply new films.

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