6 Characteristics of High-quality Banner Materials

vinyl banner rolls

The quality standards for PVC banner material involve the following aspects:


Typically measured by thread count, where higher thread counts indicate thicker and more reliable material. Common PVC banner thickness ranges from 28 threads to 50 threads, equivalent to millimeters (1 millimeter = 100 threads).

Outdoor printing requires higher tensile strength, so wider banner materials are usually thicker, while narrower ones are thinner. Thicker material is more durable.

2.Light Transmission and Reflectivity:

Some printable banners are suitable for making lightboxes and can be categorized into internal gloss and external gloss.

Internal gloss banner material is suitable for lightboxes with a translucency ranging from 25% to 35%, typically for smaller areas.

External gloss banner material is suitable for lightboxes with a translucency ranging from 5% to 10%, with stronger wind resistance, suitable for large outdoor lightboxes such as high-rise billboards or highway lightboxes.


High-quality PVC banners have uniform colors and brightness across the surface, without noticeable color or brightness differences.


Premium PVC banner material rolls should have excellent weather resistance, able to withstand exposure to sunlight, rain, etc., without fading or cracking easily.

5.Tensile Strength:

PVC banner rolls used outdoors need to have a certain degree of tensile strength to cope with temperature changes and wind forces.

6.Environmental Friendliness:

High-quality PVC banner material should meet environmental standards, made from environmentally friendly materials that do not harm the environment or human health.

In summary, choosing PVC banner material that meets the above quality standards can ensure the quality and durability of the work, while also promoting environmental protection and human health.

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