5 ways to identify quality adhesive vinyl rolls

How PVC adhesive vinyl rolls are identified

Method 1:

A good membrane should have excellent thermal insulation properties. While this is usually not easily noticeable from the surface or feel, it can be identified in a simple way: cover the bulb with a membrane, then light the bulb and feel overheated by touching it with your hand. If it is, then it is not a good adhesive vinyl rolls.

Method 2:

By manually tearing and re-gluing adhesive vinyl rolls, if a large number of air bubbles are generated in the middle and the sticker is wrinkled, it can be concluded that the adhesive vinyl rolls are not high-quality advertising materials. On the contrary, if there are no above problems, it can be considered high-quality advertising materials.

Method 3:

High-quality adhesive vinyl rolls should have excellent clarity in light. Regardless of the color used in printing, the image printed with high-quality adhesive vinyl rolls should be visible at least 6 meters when observed at night (generally referring to large advertisements, billboards, etc.). If the film produces a blurring effect, it can be judged to be an inferior material.

Method 4:

High-quality adhesive vinyl has color durability and good ink compatibility, and the surface will not produce whitening or white spots, and the ink will not fall apart. For a long time in outdoor use, the color remains the same. Even if it is subjected to external forces, the color will not fall off. Inferior adhesive vinyl is the opposite.

Method 5:

High-quality adhesive vinyl roll is soft to the touch, smooth and firm surface, flat and wrinkle-free. On the other hand, inferior adhesive vinyl roll feels wrinkled and the surface material is more fragile.


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