How are these 4 Types of Advertising Materials Produced?

The building curtain walls, commercial street signs, bus station advertising light boxes, etc. in the streets are dazzling. So how are these advertising materials produced? TOME takes you through the main advertising production techniques.

printed advertising materials
printed advertising materials

UV printing

UV printing equipment uses UV lamps and inks, which can be printed and dried immediately, solving the problem of incompatibility between white ink and colored ink, presenting a unique artistic style, the printed pattern has a concave and convex feel, and the visual effect is elegant and luxurious;

It has no pungent odor and toxicity, does not damage the substrate, and is suitable for long-term indoor use. It has strong adhesion, is fast to light and does not fade, is resistant to washing, is resistant to friction, has high hardness, does not fade for 10 years indoors, and does not fade for 5 years outdoors. It is suitable for various applications. A flat material, widely used in various fields, known as the “universal printer”

The field of building materials decoration is paying more and more attention to personalization. The computer-controlled output of UV inkjet printers meets people’s personalized needs and is widely used in flat materials such as glass sliding doors, ceramic tiles, carpets, curtain walls, partitions, ceilings, wooden boards, and organic glass boards. , highlighting personal characteristics and cultural heritage.

UV printing’s unique single-piece printing, LED cold light and fade resistance characteristics are unique in the advertising industry and are suitable for glass, wood boards, PVC, PP, PE, textiles, aluminum plates, plexiglass plates, cardboard, acrylic boards, and density boards. , Chevron board or metal plate, etc., are widely used in advertising, exhibition services, outdoor media, commercial entities and other fields.

The personalized printing and small batch production characteristics of the UV inkjet printer make it suitable for the production of art glass inkjet printing, decorative ceramics, ceramic murals, decorative ceilings, wooden crafts, digital image production, tourist spot souvenirs, leather products, etc.

Inkjet printing

Inkjet printing uses oil-based ink and is highly water-resistant. It is mainly used for outdoor advertising, fences, etc., and can be used as a background for short-term indoor use. The output screen is relatively large, and the maximum output width can reach several meters.

Commonly seen on billboards such as real estate, highways, supermarkets, high-altitude buildings, living communities and various activities, using various advertising cloths, light sheets, adhesive and other materials. Advertising inkjet printing is large-scale, the information is conveyed in detail, and the price is economical, so it is widely loved by enterprises and organizations.


Photos are divided into indoor photos and outdoor photos, and the output format is not large. Indoor photography uses water-based ink, with a maximum width of 1.5m. It is mainly used for posters, display racks, display boards, POP, indoor light boxes, etc.

Since water-based ink is not waterproof, it must be coated after the image is output. Outdoor photos use solvent ink, which is waterproof and has a maximum width of 3.2m. It is mainly used for outdoor light boxes, tents, backpack flags, fast curtain shows and other outdoor products. Large pictures require splicing. The substrates are pp paper, car stickers, light sheets, adhesive tape, photo paper, advertising cloth, etc. The images have high color saturation, are bright and lifelike, and have no pungent smell.


Advertising engraving can be divided into two categories: mechanical engraving and laser engraving, which are often used in the production of badges, gifts, souvenirs, handicrafts, signboards, signage production, cultural wall series, punching, advertising words, engraving advertising light boxes, etc. Commonly used materials: two-color board, acrylic, PVC, metal board, wooden board, etc.

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