140G EJET Clear Vinyl Adhesive Product Introduction – TV4001 Series


  1. Product Configuration
  2. Product Specifications
  3. Product Performance
  4. Compatible Inks

140G EJET Clear Vinyl Adhesive – TV4001 series is an ultra-transparent thin film advertising raw material with a printable polyester-based surface. Whether you are looking for outdoor advertising materials or indoor applications such as glass window advertisements and elevator escalator advertising bodies, this product can meet your needs.

140G EJET Clear Adhesive Vinyl - TV4001 series
140G EJET Clear Adhesive Vinyl - TV4001 series

Product Configuration:

  • Face Film: A-grade high-transparent film, thickness 9.0S±0.5, ensuring optimal clarity and transparency.
  • Adhesive: Utilizing high-transparent permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive, providing outstanding adhesion suitable for various environments and surfaces.
  • Liner: 142g±5g single-coated double-sided release paper, ensuring product quality and ease of use.

Product Specifications:

Offering a variety of specifications: 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52*50m/100m, to meet different advertising requirements.
Customization is also available according to your needs (minimum order quantity: 100 rolls).

Product Performance:

  1. High Weather Resistance: Suitable for temperatures ranging from -7°C to 70°C, outdoor weather resistance for up to 12 months, ensuring lasting and stable advertising effects.
  2. Outstanding Adhesion: Unique high-adhesion design ensures excellent conformability in various environments, making it suitable for a variety of advertising scenarios.
  3. Smoothness: Under normal temperature and reasonable storage conditions, performance remains virtually unchanged for 12 months, ensuring advertising quality and longevity.

Compatible Inks:

Compatible with various solvent inks and weak solvent inks.

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