Elevate Your Decor with 120G EJET Glitter Adhesive Vinyl – Product Introduction

User 120G EJET Glitter Adhesive Vinyl - Glitter Film

  1. Product Configuration
  2. Product Specifications
  3. Product Performance
  4. Compatible Inks
  5. Application Range

As a leading advertising raw material factory, we are delighted to introduce our latest product – 120G EJET Glitter Adhesive Vinyl. This is a glitter film specifically designed for use on glass and smooth surfaces, known for its unique visual effects and widespread applications in the realms of advertising, decoration, and creative design.

Product Configuration:

  • Face Film: Meticulously crafted 8S±0.5 PVC frosted film, presenting a matte finish for an exquisite and elegant appearance.
  • Adhesive: Utilizing a standard permanent adhesive.
  • Liner: A 120g±5g single-coated white silicone paper liner enhances product quality, ensuring ease of use in various applications.
  • Color: White glitter/Grey glitter
Glitter Window Film​ - TOME® 9031 Series
white Glitter Window Film - TOME® 9031 Series
Gray Glitter Window Film​ - TOME® 9032 Series
Gray Glitter Window Film - TOME® 9032 Series

Product Specifications:

The glitter adhesive vinyl is available in flexible dimensions of 0.61/1.22*50m, supporting customization (minimum order quantity: 100 rolls).

120G EJET white Glitter Adhesive Vinyl
120G EJET white Glitter Adhesive Vinyl
120G EJET grey Glitter Adhesive Vinyl

Product Performance:

Our glitter adhesive vinyl is the preferred choice for glass applications, offering ultra-transparency and high definition. The surface, made from crystal-clear PVC material, adds a touch of charm to any space.

Compatible Inks:

The glitter adhesive vinyl is designed to adapt to various printing technologies, compatible with a variety of solvent inks and weak solvent inks.

Application Range:

Our glitter adhesive vinyl is suitable for both indoor and outdoor scenarios, be it storefront windows, glass decorations, or home decor.

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